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Gisele Nadeau is a nationally recognized ERISA Attorney and former President of the Maine Trial Lawyers Association. She has, for many years, concentrated her state-wide practice in representing claimants on short-term and long-term disability insurance denials and terminations most of which involve the technical, federal law of ERISA. ERISA disability law changes daily because it involves exclusive, federal jurisdiction. This means that decisions all over the country, every day, can affect your case. Please call (207) 671-0327 to talk to Attorney Nadeau about your case or situation.

Staying current with the law of short term and long term disability insurance requires vigilance, single-minded attention.

Attorney Nadeau has represented clients against all of the major disability insurance companies including:


AETNA Life Insurance Company

CIGNA Group Insurance Company

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Sun Life Insurance Company

The Prudential Insurance Company of America

The Standard Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual

Lincoln Life Assurance Company

Berkshire Life Insurance Group

The Hartford

Principal Financial Group

Dearborn National


Paul Revere Life Insurance Company

Life Insurance Company of North America

Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company

Disability insurance has strict and rapid deadlines which begin to run from the first day you are out of work. Do not wait to call for help.